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Insect Lore

Insect Lore

Aion A story of a broken world

At the time that around level 20, the progression of the story takes you to the cities that are near doors that allow members of another faction to slip through. At this point, the game takes a dynamic rather than a game versus player environment, open to aspects Player vs. player. Oh, Aion later released massively multiplayer online NCsoft, is partly in this category. pace of the game is great through the tutorial and even the first foray after leaving the land of the game has a great tutorial portion.The variety of missions that players stiff tradition the game, plot points of training, and provide insight into global dynamics. You will find missions for hunting, combat forces in collusion with the other faction or groups who are simply the benefit of nearest available target - the group succeeds his features, including Elyos Asmodian.

Aion is the story of a broken world, with two separate races with a hatred towards the other side. The Elyos are pure and representative of the next "light" of the world, with white wing (once they were to level 10 and become a Daeva - more on that in a moment), while Asmodians are a bit darker claws, fingers and wings black, with a world seems to be in a twilight. The game has a solid selection of customization in the character creation, where although there are some physical characteristics each race (and the armor is a bit more limited in their eyes at first), you can create your own style of your character.

Complete Guide 2 Aion

There are four archetypes profession, each decomposed into two sub-classes: warrior in the pauses of the gladiators and the Templars, the priest goes to the Imam and gun Scouts can become Rangers and murderers and wizards can choose the path of a sorcerer or spiritual (pet class). Some cities have begun a series of missions to introduce the game the players and get to level 10, when the players rise to the level of Daeva and get their wings, and determine what kind play the rest of the game with this particular character. As your character progresses, you buy the books of skills to acquire the skills to empathize with their level and class. Players get to level 10 wings pleased to offer an interesting dynamic to the game. First, not a means of transport that can take you anywhere in the world. The wings are the majority in a counter time and may be the specific area - you can fly in some areas but not in land search. However, you can always slide by double-clicking on the toolbar space and can help you through enemy territory to hunt an enemy fast or running, if you can find a bit of a hill to use as a starting point the trajectory of a mechanic.

learning books can be purchased at class trainers, and sometimes you can buy from other players or disable the market Player - this is a world market based faction, which players can put a retail price the item. Players can also create their own private store, assuming a position of camping and hiking in the game. This may seem like a good idea, but when change the area in an area and stay with establishments private, this idea seems to take a less than spectacular. While NCsoft people have tried to ban the accounts of gold farmers, the proliferation of these people is immediate and obvious - at least in the early months of the release of the games. And then there are the expenses incurred for travel. You can link to a specific place, but it will cost a good chunk of money, and if you decide no, you can travel through the ghostly birds in the area where you are, or teleport to another region. The flights of birds are relatively inexpensive compared to the costs of teleportation.


1, the glory of Aion

The game itself has the basic elements that are standard with most MMOs. You get a series of missions designed to shoot yourself in the tradition of the game and level you. You level, you get better skills and better equipment. There is also an element of the harvest and crafts in the game that gives players who want to take a break in the fight against something to do. The harvest may be related to the search lines and to keep their skills for the harvesting area is recommended. For example, you can get a quest to collect any materials that you need to have a skill that is the level 85. If it makes its way through the harvest, due to space considerations in the inventory to make this search, you should go back into the youngest of the areas and grind their way. Not always improve your skills for each collection point. Sometimes you can have several elements of the harvest to a point in harvesting skills. In addition, each node resources can (usually) three crops per node, the node disappears. You must wait for it to spawn again and move further in this particular routine.

Aion glory is also a warning to the player base - which is not a world where a player can waltz through it with barely a thought to the strategic elements or group dynamics. The Broken World is a rough place where beauty can accommodate special wildlife which will quickly and efficiently. But more than the player against environment (PvE) elements, the world of Aion is player vs. player (PvP). And has no choice whether to participate. If you are in the same area as the other players feature, which can attack and, probably, if they see you. If you are Elyos and the way they work up the strength Eltnen, you can find in the woods outside the citadel a Asmodian haven for the attackers. It is useful to gain points in the Rift, which means that hunting and killing other faction players. If this happens, wait for the guard cower in the position death. The fight will not last long, the wizard will pay gap Ranger points for healing and perhaps the soul of transportation to the area (if he or she is not binding there).

2, compared with another set of Aion All

You can earn Abyss (which is an open area PvP players can reach a level 25 times) points for killing players of the other faction. But whether you're trying to search or not. Each player is fair game in an open PvP. This is one reason by Aion is not for MMO players more relaxed. You should be on your toes and see if a breach has been opened. While Aion is a great game, the number of searches file you get in their 20s and adventures that involve some running to different areas, all at a cost to you, the player. This idea is ridiculous, especially when will be charged a ridiculous amount of space for transport. Juxtaposed to the reward, which sometimes seems not worth the candle. The problem with the game, however, is that is a task and at some point in history does not matter much longer than the raids and became the center. That, and economic difficulties, perhaps the ruin of this game

The game also allows the boat and, like many of the rest of the game, you have to grind - you also need money to buy materials and inventory space. The act of craftsmanship is time Sandwich - Make sure you have lots of materials, select a recipe and the total number of units may want press the button and walk crafts. There is nothing you can do to improve the rate of success or failure is arbitrary chance. Sometimes succeed, sometimes not, sometimes increase their skills. You can learn all the professions of the craft in the game, to some extent, but with the stress inventory unless you have a deep bench, this may seem impractical. Aion offers new ideas and dynamic wing everything is wonderful. The game is a real treat for the eyes and there is a horrible career. Players can, however, choose to create a thought, or the creation ugly - mostly related to Asmodian - in the character creation process, however. Even the hardness of certain environments contain some unusual items and interesting creatures.

3 Details of the valuation of Aion

Farmers are in force in this game, and you have a previous ban that comes another for the spam. It's annoying and irritating. Add to this the fact that you have a finite number of names that can block and up early to start playing with the list - the release of the old to the new block. Yes, NCsoft is working to ban them, but between spam and block the player shopping areas and cause some delay volume, the game suffers. The gaming community can be fun, but sometimes find a group of missions that are clearly looking for dynamic, if you drive your level is difficult. character creation and flight dynamics are definitely worth it, but the main problem is that while the gameplay is very appealing at first, begins to bog down as you approach level 20 and there are many missions.

Another thing you want Thousands price.While compare Aion is Kînah different shopping sites at your disposal - are not all created equal. I checked some online sites to compare prices and no doubt the price of the sites are all different. Prices in some sites may be twice that of other sites. If we choose a site much cheaper, we can save much money. However, not enough Choose a site for its low price. There are many scam site using lower prices to attract buyers. We have to see if the site has a good reputation. A reliable website must be perfect live chat support, good price and a refund policy. As mentioned above, buying Aion Gold the best way to increase performance when playing Aion.

4, most complaints about Aion

Fully absolutely, and I do not know how badly. Each class has a set of tools to work, and when you fight another class that you know what tools to use for almost immediately if you have any PVPer. It is an argument stupid, first, that the timing of the reaction rate, and forecasts are all part of being an expert PVPer more than just hitting buttons. If you play Street Fighter probably going to play with his friends and mashing buttons, and somehow that is just a Street Fight pestle "button fighting game. The competitive players will laugh at you and tell you exactly the opposite, and find a science in the game that makes it impossible to "button devastating" to win because the competition includes the game player, the player only occasionally observed. Completely false. While some RNG does not affect IE to avoid dizziness or resisted, the murderer is not on top of his game almost always lost. Looking Focused Avoidance fans and not knowing if she used a stun in place, knowing when to use our own Aethertwisting Palestinian Authority and to seal a victory for all skills are useful to have as a murderer.

I think that covers everything related to my feelings on Aion PVP. In general, there are plenty of skills to be acquired by most players. Using the advantage of distance to each class, how to fight the best air quality, how to fight other classes and use their full toolbox. Players who are sitting and crying that the game sucks and sucks PVP, really I do not understand how PVP in the first place. They do not understand how to play their class or are too stubborn to learn. As Street Fighter Player brush just insist that the class X is cheap and all you have to do is mash buttons, but all they do is criticize his own failure.

May, is already dying Aion

Then there are people like me who are too distracted playing other games. Torches, Dragon Age Origins and Fallen Earth appear to be the most popular. I still love the game. I can not decide if I'm hooked on it because it's the style of the online MMORPG that I know of, or because I really like the game had not had a lot of fun When I left Altguard crisis Morheim hop crowd was painfully sensitive. I was no longer taking the crowds with ease, in fact, the crowd soon after the first area fell by half health each time. (I was 21, there were 23) Other Tonight I decided to look at because it is apparently intended Brusthonin to be a little easier. And he was remarkably below. In other words, if I could get a crowd. The fact that people are not marked in Aion is one of my frustrations in the race yet. During the milling and everything! With my old man, grinding takes me five seconds, and then there is a slight delay while Alexandre aligns the arrow in his bow and fired. Over time someone jumped in my mafia and adopted by this point, regardless of whether or not my land boom.

Nice I'm a player, although I saw him first, and Technically I started to attack first - this is not my fault that my arrows have to travel - I leave that to the crowd never jumped in. The same courtesy is not refunded. Even when I fail in the first damaging attack, if there was a pitcher in the mid-cast, attacks continue. Hell, some are beginning to attack the crowd, I'm there if they think they can affect me! After 10 minutes, beating by a mob simple search is not fun. This was not in WoW, once you got first point of injury, the crowd was yours. If you survive your encounter with Bubblegut, but not to kill and use both potions Slime immunity, see Geolus For more. See our (soon to be published ") Category quick trip to a free (no need Kînah) Shortcut back to the Swamp Geolus corrupted Frillneck Wood and Forest South tolba. You'll have to after seeing Bubblegut Geolus. Quick Back Verteron Citadel and a flight to Pilgrim's Rest is your best bet.

6 tips for Kînah Aion

The collection is a good way to Kînah. Everyone needs money, sometimes for things such as crafts, spells, potions, and devices. Everything what resources they meet, they sell all the time, provided that their prices are reasonable. If prices are lower for the time you want to sell, just wait a day or two and probably will change. In Aion, there are many items that look cool, but not too by the statistics of your character. Some of these items look good can be sold for a high profit. People use to edit these other articles the model of your computer if you have current statistics well, but it seems to have stolen a suit of a clown. Use your private bank (For more than just AFK)! Every time you are absent, a shop. Put everything you think of another player even be a remote possibility want. You might get lucky and a player will come across unwanted items and buy from you.

There is so much going on things in the game with great graphics that sometimes struggle to find my computer. Ok, I admit I can not get lost in the chaos or is absorbed from the Broker. Anyway, the icons floating the group leader can put more members of the group heads really helps! The icons are visible at a distance much greater than the individual characters are. It is also fun to see a big smile, heart, star, etc. in the air and bounce out a valley or a village, etc. with icons also can facilitate coordination of the attacks group if the group leader put an appropriate icon (skull comes to mind) in the head of the current goal. We have experienced a temporary loss of the icons sometimes for beta. Seemed to fall for some but not all players, but reappear if the leader has placed them again.

7 ways to overcome toxic Bubblegut

Most of the players, regardless of class, must be able to individually Bubblegut 17, or at least by level 18. Many players have difficulty with Bubblegut OL, (what a name!) And most of the difficulties is to use potions Slime timely immunity. The quest to conquer Bubblegut is part of the fight against "pollution source of the search string. When finished, remember not to stay and talk with Kato, then return to Spatalos to report the result and recover your quest rewards. If you travel at night (a game-time), in addition to the Rota Kalgolems Rock is still there, beware of Elysium Ancient spirits who stand on the side of the roads.If Bubblegut are on and off the field with another player to take this opportunity to find their target and the green square represents the crust below the name Slime. This improvement is the key to beating him.

If you are out of the swamp with your skin Bubblegut suede already, you can attack and use his amateur Bubblegut potion.If Slime is not immune, have to attack and initiate immunity before using Slime potion. Geolus Slime does not give you two potions of immunity, so you can escape and try again. Try again, if the attack does not seem to do no harm to Bubblegut, sometimes providing for immunity buff drool a second time just after the first neutralization with your medication. The worst, and you now in front of the obelisk by the healer Soul, bent clutching his chest and panting, no more immunity Slime potions in your inventory, do not give up! Simply return to Geolus, and he will give more than two potions.

8 Gulux - Paksigue Asmodian version

You have probably seen our message Paksigue crab alias Norris, level 13 elite that roams claimed the lives Verteron Citadel unwary players down. Well, the equivalent Asmodian Gulux is a creature of Level 13 Elite Humanoid ice half following a path in the ice around the lake Altgard Altgard. As Paksigue, Gulux has a range of 7 meters agro and attack prevention. For some reason, Gulux not seem to have developed the same reputation, fame and glory Crab our friend Norris. Rifts and Beluslan Morheim Eltnen join to Heiron. There are seven holes in each brand and direction.We Elyos out tickets with numbers and income and output Asmodian with letters.

The entry point for each crack is stable for both sides, but the points of departure may vary slightly. It is probably to prevent players defense of camping where the opposition players coming next. We have done our best record accurately.There cards are limits on the number of players who can enter in every crevice, see Tables for divisions within each zone. Also a maximum input level of each trench, probably for the top players can appear suddenly in the fields below.

9, collection and extraction collectors or macros Hat

If you met for a mission or skills simply the future of High Quality articles, calling all of Ruby to Ether can be frustrating if you are having trouble finding a topic you have to come together. There are a few items available to assist in the collection once you have installed (level 10 onwards.) You can spend a little of their hard earned Kînah (Q) and buy a hat collection vitality or ether, called ether or Gatherer Gatherer Hat Hat. The hats are available in the extraction Collector the vitality and vibrancy suppliers Ether Ether Extraction Point and mining areas in the Craftsman Hall in the Sanctuary Elyos or ether and vitality of training mining in the area for Asmodians Pandemonium.

With so many competing spending Hats off for your attention gatherers may seem too expensive. After all, you still have to expand its hub and storage space, new weapons and armor selection, and pay their crafting skills. A Hat Collector, in fact, will further and says that a macro that brings are available in a given region, but may be prohibitive for lower level characters. It is also fun when macros used to put your character on Autorun, click your macro periodically, and find your character swerving to one side and management along a fence in the head in an attempt to reach the point of the macro is to collect.

Paksigue 10 - also known as crab Norris

If you have not yet met, Paksigue is an elite level 13, a giant crab running through the sand surrounding the Citadel Verteron striking fear in the heart of low-level players. He was nicknamed Crab Norris for obvious reasons. The most reckless players that roaming the dunes around Verteron Citadel, plus hourly toll Crab Norris. Often the player kills the innocent or the case of one or two visits. Paksigue outside the Citadel Verteron next potcrabI a fact and not enjoying the big boys. Have a nice touch. Add a random element in the game that makes it more fun and realistic. It also performs a valuable function of alerting players to the need to see the mini-map of red dots that move quickly and randomly, these rapid and irregular red spots danger signal.

Arriving Eltnen these points moving randomly well above the crowd and the points represent the players of the opposite faction NPC that flew in the area into chaos bent. You will be even less able to predict their presence or location with Paksique. Paksigue not seem to move in the water or near the walls of the Citadel, so if you want to go AFK in the sand you stand Verteron in water up to their knees or even on the dunes next to the Citadel. Keep an eye on your mini-map when you are about missions in the dunes and you should be able to avoid Norris crab.
If you are looking for help getting the most depth of play Aion, you could not do better than Killer Guides. Your Guide offers Aion strategies for faster leveling and faster Kînah earn what you believe, and tips for each profession. They also offer individual guides for each category help you make the most of your precious hours of play. If you can not decide what kind you like, your best bet is to get the full Aion Guide for the package, which contains all the guides as they are, that 10 guides for the price of 3.

11 Crafts Aion - Save Your Kînah!

Updates work orders skills, you get the coach. To save Kînah for these work orders, not the exact number of points needed. The work order gives extra materials, just in case of failure. For example, you receive eight (8) 6 Caprauna Caprauna go juice. If all eight work orders and delivering successful work order is completed, it saves all additional items in the order from work and do not gain additional experience. Oops That last part is incorrect, as one commentator said. You get more powers to make additional points. (Sorry, I was confused after a long number of night games.) If you buy the mats for a work order at the same time, the purchase of carpets of what to do seven, but resist the temptation to click the Make "is only 6. If you get it you're done! If you are unable to your tent and you have to do more, then do.

What I mean is that another reason that you can only do a minimum number of points required for the work order is: in this way increases the number of times which in turn, work orders as the level of capacity and therefore increase their chances of receiving good recipes as rewards for completing work orders. (I knew there was another reason.) Save your Kînah, do not buy more carpet you need. I think the failure rate is very low, less ability to levels1 100, and turning in work orders received me most a lot of interesting recipes as a reward, which is much better than buying outside the corridor. You always have this option if you do not receive is not what he wants as a reward by the coach of the kitchen. Try this trick even competition from other levels, too. Some higher levels of work required at least cheaper than the carpet lower levels. When you find a low cost job order, keep doing all the time to keep winning the level of competition.

Attractions 12 by Aion - Angelic Tatters

I found this store by chance, so I thought it was likely that many other players did not know his new existence. The magazine "Angelic Tatters" has many interesting cosmetic changes to your character, and we all know that the cosmetic mods are the best. Style over substance has been my motto! Now you can buy at the store Aion the most reliable in the most convenient and faster. Now buy cd key Aion can be done if simply moving the mouse on your wonderful site. The site is the official online store visual This massively multiplayer online role-playing or call MMORPG characters can be played with terrifying powers and exploration wings to explore a fantasy world where you can imagine a very adventurous beauty.

Speaking artifacts, the Inquisition decided to make a quick guild event go to test the waters by adopting an artifact on the ground floor of the abyss where nothing was a lower level. Taking the device was a simple task, in general, and reminded us to be like some of the battlefield targets smaller in terms WAR of difficulty. The device was protected by a group of NPC of the opposing faction, with an executive elite. While we have made two groups with concerns about how difficult it would a solid group of players who have been strong enough. Once the head goes down, spread the message said the world had brought us, and our guild emblem was displayed on the site and displayed on the map. There is however, no message to let you know if your item is attacked by the enemy faction.

13, 200-250 Vitality Asmodean Mining Guide

To hell with the alliteration. You did well to come so far in the vitality of the extraction. Hitting 200 is the halfway point. And for some, could both the midpoint of the halfway house. This is a serious matter at this stage and there are no easy ways to make the matter more. Things are going to be very serious at this time. There are some areas strong enough to do these, but they are far from optimal. Hell, if you wanted to 200-250, you can do all this just before Beluslan walls of the fortress. However, these nodes are very rare and Botta because no aggressive enemies in the region. I would not advise that level below 30 for the first half of this guide, and 35 for the second half. You should at least be able to handle two enemies at times and is the definitive answer that can to cover the areas that I command you a. Can you face before? Probably. If you? It depends on how you're desperate to stay ahead of the curve to the ship.

Start washing the red cliffs, or Salitnus place. Either one works on the same floor for this, because everything that is likely to Tapping Adamantium. Follow outermost peaks rising to approach the village and ice claws can find many adamantium to drink. leap from the cliff and check the box below to spawning and you make your way over mining, you will find the nodes have regenerated. It can be annoying, but can be on the mining plan and character at the same time at a respectable rate. Take all Adamantite and platinum, you can get, and be on the lookout for rare crystals nodes as you trek to the east. Even if not the best rather than skill, so you know how these alchemists Silly handicrafters pay these rhinestones. Unless you're one yourself, ie.

Aion PVP 14 is indeed very good

I play a murderer. As with any MMO the first part of PVP is knowing your opponent, know what to expect and anticipate the skills to use and when, and how to counter them. In addition, all classes of Aion has tons of ability and skills they look chain also adds the game strategy. Only small scale, when it comes to the synergy of the group class becomes a factor of protection of plant varieties, as well, with 6 people in general, all of which can analyze a skirmish or a situation and react to it will make you an unstoppable force, and through another group of six people who are also experts in these things are done great fights in the future. PVP air, especially for melee classes requires a lot of contraction abilities for this job, also how the difference the game works, you can easily circumvent the problem of people who are always "out of range" and so on. This is not a pretty solution, but anyone who has had the joy of playing games like Quake on dial-up do not know what that means "fire" ahead "of people. We have a little in Aion, and if the Netcode is boring once you get used to it, is a breeze.

Zerg occur in the PvP world, you can coordinate and organize groups of equal size on both sides. But people do not realize that the Zerg are generally or small groups that were close to each other, or just randoms that were close to each other. If you find that you are more than not only fight against, if you have found an increase in the groups to pay more attention to your surroundings. Consciousness situational in MMOs is huge, and just in all competitive games ever made. PVP site will not work again. There, he said. DAOC did the work, and to some extent, L2, say, but I think now more graphics-intensive games and servers simply will not be able to manage the load, sieging never really essential for a game based PVP.

Aion 15: Use and crafts collection Kînah Win

While most of the jargon used by Aion is very explicit, it takes some getting used to, especially if you just see a different MMO. In this case, you bring your items with you in a "cube", and the overflow can be overlooked in your "store." You list products for sale with a broker, where you can also bet on the themes of his own purchase. While prone and cons differ depending on the system on who you ask, the most common comparison is to use World of Warcraft Chat trade advertising and connect buyers with sellers. private shops, however, does not include features such as bargaining or off-topic spam. Because more difficult to compare with private-shop stores, you may be able to continue with prices light load than the average for certain products.

The expansion of the bucket should be its first major acquisition in Aion. Each class can easily update equipment and weapons collected on the way by seeking rewards. Even if you are able to lower the chance that is a perfect complement for your class, you may get more long-term rewards by selling to other, less informed reader.
You can also expand your storage space, and remember to use the account section of deposit, either. Consider also the use of mules and bank offers abnormally low. Although the recording of a battalion to level 10 to get to the capital can not seem to to the efficient use of their time, what actually is paid once you start running out of space. Articles dissemination of OAB can begin to be expensive, but using the section account of your store, you can easily transfer goods and materials to a broker or a mule alt dedicated private bank.

16, collect the whole, a kind more

It is true in most MMO Aion is no different in this respect: while you are assignments or simply to travel from one place to another, collecting all what can be collected on the trip. Monsters loot abandoned fruits, herbs, minerals and timber, that's all Kînah At the next town or seller. Use the buttons to your scope, all objects automatically sell quality gray and white and green type, quality items. This method has the added advantage of keeping your collection skill level. You can use your downtime, while here in the party or even the keyboard to make some Kînah free with this method. You may be dying to try the system of alchemy, or want to start cooking all the tents that have been held. If your main goal Kînah do everything possible, however, you would well to avoid this section of the city - at least initially.

Once your Cube is dazzling, find a store and start looking for their loot accumulated. Manastones and equipment can be listed with a broker or sold through a private store. You should avoid manastones distributors at any time, because they do not go for a little Kînah when sold to an NPC. Craft materials however, are the best posted on a private store parked by the artisan section of your city faction. Wait until there is a substantial economy, or at least to start with a single profession. If you choose alchemy or cooking, you should have no problem marketing of their products other players. The only drawback, however, is to make sure you do not spend more Kînah on components and materials that make the sale of finished products.

17 Tips FAQ Aion Chanter

Now, first we wish to clarify that although this post may have statements negative about the torch of the class (Aion kinases) and game aspects of Aion, but we still really love the game and will stick to this class are output to the Western. The game will be changed before launch, and can only expect to continue the way we want for the torches. Anyone who has played the Korean version, and preference of the class can agree with me singing some of these comments and we welcome any feedback you have to do. We can not pretend that the class (or Aion), is more a support role, which, although small heals are useful. We're not trying to sing to be transformed into the church and to be controlled, but changes that are the group in general, better team play. We are winning and have great passion for PvP, playing the chanter with our pride took a blow not going to dominate both other classes, but his person a role in the guild to take.

Song is best placed in your reader game against a team player (Aion Kînah) scenario. You play the role of healing the baby essentially religious, although important healing. Other tasks would be to stay away from his group to keep all three now in reality they are the constant negative, unless you change to another. There are other fans that you can use, we have the sole objective of an increase in the duration of one hour of PT (Aion money) and armor and also some fans durtion car in thirty minutes. Both are an asset and not a game to win. Sometimes you will be able to DPS, but it will not be anything epic.

18 Aion power leveling guide for new players

If you spare me a few minutes of your time, let show you some tips on how to power level your account quickly and efficiently to a higher grade Aion. Even if you are still a green hand on Thursday Aion will find this guide useful power level. Thanks to guidance from the level of power shared by my best friend, I am now saving time and money and gain more pleasure with Aion. Ascension package comes with a holiday bonus in the form of four new gifts to give your character a boost and brighten your appearance a bit. It consists of 20 small life potions, amulets Lodas 15, 15 rolls of film Little, and a special dye for your character. You get a different color of dye depending on where you purchase your Ascension package, so you can choose your Buying a place in this spirit.

Then I began to sit and think about how the power level quickly. I summarized some advice by searching the classic game of Aion video players first class and are listed below. For every new player, which should start at power with your new account, and the hardest thing at first is how the level of your character to a level that can make your character qualifying competition for the most serious. And new players must be abundant and Aion Aion gold Kina, to ensure weapons and more advanced equipment to be a backup for the firm power level higher and faster. So stop letting your character run around the bankruptcy and not know what to do but sit and develop a personalized eating plan at the appropriate level for your situation. Your character will be leveled Aion power as soon as you wish.

19 How save in buying cheap Kînah Aion

Kînah Aion is the currency of the game Aion Tower of Eternity and can be widely used in the game, play a role unseperatable in the game and adds flavor to combat and fight. Some players choose to buy Aion gold to help level. Many players do not want to buy online in Aion Aion Kînah because I do not know shop is reliable and trustworthy. The choice to buy Aion Kînah a better time. Many stores Aion promotions for special occasions from time to time. If you do not need Kina Aion Ergently Aion gold, buy a certain quantity of gold and store it for later use. It will save a lot of money to buy Aion Kina in the promotion that regular prices.

Create a member Kînah Aion shops whenever possible. Do not bother with the inconvenience of registration. Some stores offer prizes of members, where gold Aion youbuy, do not forget to sign in the store so they can record the amount you purchased. Once the total amount purchased Aion Kînah accumulates a certain amount, you can enjoy a discount on your next purchase. Tell a friend. If you are a customer gold Aion regular store and invite a friend to buy Aion Kînah successfully receive gold Aion free on your next purchase. Do not forget to leave your e-mail when you buy Kînah Aion. Aion Kînah shops send promotional e-mail notification discount sales and other events. In case you might miss these important notification, please leave your email more use frequent during the audit.

20, no PVP Aion

For people who say that the seat is a major part of PvP Aion is a total joke and you know it. Let's assume the fix and ignore accidents. Headquarters is approximately tab tab tab and faceroll the keyboard, there are minimum skills, using the same skills repeatedly for half an hour in a general purpose zerg you're dead. I wow for a month and I really believe that Aion will be a great game if it were the battlefields and PvP arena. But the gap completely destroy the system. So Aion was doomed from the start. Now everyone should agree that Aion is going nowhere, but until the situation Current. Enough has been noticed around the world proves. This game could use some major design changes focusing on PvP, and actually do something for the robots, which is conducting a lot of players away.

Aion has a routine. Yes, yes, I know the classic "All MMO and grind! Line, but it is my view that the routine in Aion can legitimately be perceived by some as stiff when you start at level 30. Of course, this statement is subjective and based on their experiences MMO before your opinion may vary. Lineage 2 person could not find fault, but someone who is used to WoW MMO and some modern traditional style could be in some discomfort in this area. I survived the old school EQ1 FFXI in terms of grinding just to give some perspective about where I come from. Many players probably have to be reconciled with the fact that most people will not be the peak in Aion as quickly as they have in some other MMOs.

21, known Lumiel Legion head KS .. Gold happening

We the boss (forgot his name, Big Thing, which creates black rock called every 10 minutes or more and, finally, the head will generate 50 minutes later). Or anyway to kill the way met three times .. and wait 50 minutes for the head and being near death notices in the region. We saw a group of probably the best known Legion on the server, all over us all much more adequate waiting. In fact, when the boss appears here they come. We asked them please not KS but the boss made fun of us and linked the decline of gold "Thanks by looting monsters attacked welcome lol "

Will not fit to communicate with their agents as the player who has linked the decline in gold is a servant. I totally lost all respect for this legion. Many of you post on this forum, you know who you are. I know this is not really going to do anything .. I just wanted to free rein. All you need Aion other graphics are not pretty. This leads me to believe that Aion F2P and should be based micro transactions. With the support of bot and spam, could also be F2P, F2P seems that companies do more to comply with rules NCsoft. People think it's a good idea? If not, what do you pay the subscription? A Korea mill differs from other mills, besides the fact that there are very graphic and PvP can take place in the air? I do not understand why we should pay for a game requires that ground which is annoying and not funny. Even the combat leaves something to be desired, perhaps if it is dynamic and has to think then I could grind levels.

22, is "What other games" cause of dissent as in Aion?

Browsing through these forums and listening to the game of cat latest weeks, really took me by surprise the profound impact it had on WOW many of you, and by association, the MMO community at large. I mean, rarely do so through a cable or through a conversation before someone mentions or AION compared to WOW or just the conversation becomes a debate strictly on WOW and playability. So much so that even now I know much about WOW and play, and I do not even play WOW! This may not be obvious to those who played WoW much of their lives recent years, but someone like me who not only never played WoW but never played many games to begin, it is very obvious.

When this fails is in the case of things like spammers and Botteri. It's too big of a problem to take on the developers know what they do. Seriously, on my server is a half-dozen Botteri about few feet outside the city, right on the road. Botting is the worst problem I've ever seen leaps and bounds. If they had a reasonable number of GMs who could get this problem under control, but do not. They do not encode a solution ready to go fast. Learn how you can say? They are rotating. Prohibit an individual days, and play outside, because this is not the most flagrant case of bot in a decade.

23, I showed my friend (who plays WoW) Aion

I used to play WoW and I met my friend is not so, we play together, but it took a very long long and I got tired of waiting his turn and was tired to collect the badges did not need a level of 5-80 characters. Tenure The trailer and game footage, it was finally loaded onto YouTube, I showed him Asmodian version of trailer classrooms. 5 seconds according to his statement that seemed only WoW. Then I asked if they had all things WoW Aion, I said to a lesser extent it has Unrefined systems will appeal and other raids. Aion is not the only company that uses the basic method of communication. EverQuest is a notorious Why, back in the day. Other teams have tried in varying degrees. About the only thing this approach is that you really need to kiss and so can control their message, like Aion. If some people spout off information, which should not, its facade crumbling complex.

I was in shock, unbelief, disbelief of the people is not a concept to the world of Warcraft. I think WoW is a game of stars and be back to check cataclysm, which will continue the correction data from MMO-champion. But the novelty is dry, how long you can run the front of the dungeons and dragons until you get bored? Not I'm in Aion to run dungeons, I'm here for PvP, and is very new to me, he must work, has its flaws, but I enjoy! I picked up my epics and face laminated sand and BGS. It was fun, but I hit the wall increase could provide. Once you train with no progress, I pushed on my warrior HKS 250k and stopped short, I knew the particulars of each 1v1, 2v2 all, 3v3 and 5v5, which ceased to be a game, became a mathematical science.

24 How to choose between a professional gold Aion STO

Some stores actually delivered golden Kina Aion Aion players, but a few days payment in lieu of delivery Instant promised by these stores. Some of these stores have live support 24 hours, and support staff to customers shops are either not accessible or be rude to ask questions when their own. Therefore it is strongly recommended for players to buy Aion Gold, Aion Kina professional shop. If I am not backing up because pull agro, I shot the flame Blaze Bolt and chain damage. At this stage of the sequence, it's time to check in on how we do it. If people are transformed into a glowing ball booty, then finish it. However, if we find our animal element is wrong (or at least half of health is a good barometer) then reload with Element.

First, I would like to share my thoughts on the word "professional." A professional Aion Gold, Aion Kina shop should be only a tent with activities related to Aion gold. Only a store that focuses exclusively on the provision of services could superheated offer cheap wow gold Gold and Aion Aion Kina ensure the supply of gold wow with fast speed. As the old Jack of all trade, Aion Kînah, teacher nothing. It's like choosing a trusted eBay seller. For example, there are many shops selling Dell ebay, how to distinguish that Dell sells is not it? Let back to what we have referred to the choice of wow gold shops. A store that is more likely to sell a good domain is the store that operates exclusively for a commercial property. Do you know why Aion Tower of Eternity is so classic and beautiful, because NCsoft Three years spent exclusively in the design and development, and several years only on the farm.

26 Aion: Write Spiritualist rotations for maximum fun (grades 1-25)

Fun is the word DPS.If three-letter you read this article, then it is likely to fall into a four categories: The reader interested in playing the best class in the game (spiritual), the player beat a spiritualist interested in PvP, Spiritualists control to see if you do the right thing theorycrafter DPS or who can not wait to punch holes in the field that fall into article.Whichever for me, even in the latter category. I consider myself a lifelong learner and I love hearing new ways to crush your rivals. No matter what is here, I hope you enjoy the following combination of mathematics and art as to learn more about how Spiritmaster.Never his own dirty work.

The spiritualist is a class company which means we're really more of a unit with a noble, some low in the trenches working like an idiot to say Gladiator. As such, the key to keeping your hands clean is to let your pet keep guests entertained while you stay away (looking down his nose at the dam). It a delicate dance between the maintenance of life for pets kill the enemy and save some mana in the case of a supplement (or avoid downtime). The rotation of choice involves intensive courses for pets and the invocation of spirits and energy use Rejuvenate element to keep in the game is always good to have an extra point on the enemy to some checks damage.Optional - Division of Earth chain - which does two things: the causes of minor damage and slows enemy, especially if you decide to come after you. If it is slow, the animal can continue to fight about it, while exploring its way to you. It takes a good amount of mana so that sometimes I go to the option to save the mana and agro management more closely.

27 OH NOE, is just for me!

As Spiritualists we have a couple of decent evasion techniques. If my pet dies, the root of the enemy and assess if I have time to mention another element, or just nuclear the wicked is my booty. If I'm the animal, then released Stoneform (Root breaks from damage to domestic animals) Just go face to face with the enemy and hope for the best. If all else fails, keep the spirit of the threat of turnover and the length of the hills! Your next pet even know how I tried the latter. Always remember that the root is your friend. By attacking multiple monsters or that this strange journey of the Cross-enemy of your itinerary, simply remove them Root of the committee enough time to get a handle on the first enemy. Same if the crowd is not the first death, you can start your pet to attack a host of other start building agro. Pets will not last much time to make sure you can handle one or two enemies if you can not keep your pet healthy.

Many ingredients This recipe.There are literally thousands of variables that can get into a fight (a lot of enemies to fight and what level). There is no hard and fast rule, you should get locked up, this is only one version of a recipe. Use this as a starting point and experiment with your own timing and sequence. There is certainly more rotations damages available, but I think the rest, using potions or bandages are not to my goal of zero downtime. Try to keep my mana and my pet health crowned, everything else can be fixed in case of emergency with potions or treatment. Using this formula, you can browse through the first 25 levels and be prepared to confront the Abyss. Of course, Abyss rotations are a completely different subject next time. Best of the community is a very banal Aion: when you stop playing for the night, it automatically opens a web page of your site community. You instantly see the headlines and may read dev blogs, see your character, either.

Removing Asmodean 28 Vitality-300 Guide250

If you are a tailor, who love me. Xilix is everywhere in the shit Alsig Carrefour. Search the nearby trees in the fields behind you, you will see all of the few enemies. Hell, you can even see the city if you're one of those crazy bastards leveling up the skills to deal with the enemy in the region. Just look directly south and west door after that, outside the southwest gate. Two easy driving and you should not have to play a solo obtain enemy, and a record of 250 or two along the road. It can take 300 if you can stomach. Of course, if you're feeling brave, I have something else in mind. Fortunately, this requires a little intelligence and subtlety, so you can make it stand out from the crowd, if you want the best of the best boats, even before you are able to use it, or want to try this very worthy Noble Last Orange Silly replace in 5 levels anyway for your business. The choice is yours, and the road is yours. We have a final step to the left. It will be brutal. I will have a high level, or a death wish. One of them is easier to handle in this game than others, but only you can answer that question for yourself! Decide and see you in our last segment extraction Asmodean vitality!

You probably hate me for this, but the best way to do without the competition is to go north Brusthonin. Yes, the area of a level 45 +. I am not sent to die for any reason. At this stage of the game you know how the judge of agriculture and the needle thread when running on two aggressive enemies. You will use these skills and go where nobody is really so, at least to meet. Zeller and abundant Pressa in the area immediately west and north of the NPC guards the border between areas 20 and 45. You should be able to access a node in one view Pressa has become the guards, north of them. If you are too effeminate to go away, only to harvest 300.

29 There are two types of relationships with developers

It seems that there are two main ways that developers interact with MMO players. Both routes have advantages and disadvantages, but most often the choice is not is done consciously. Instead, the choice comes to culture and the situation the team is in. But if you make an explicit decision, you can stick to it and not leg almost as often (or as dramatically.)
It seems that the demographic imbalances between the two races, which can be very problematic in PvP. I did not experience the first hand with him because I am still relatively low, but on my server Asmodians often talk about how they are outnumbered in battle, and frankly do not Asmodians are as attractive as the angelic Elyos, so I'd be very surprised if they played in the same numbers. This is why it is so interesting that there is a correlation almost 1-to-one careers site Aion.

When first plugged in, I was amazed by the amount of spam in chat gold. The chat useless unless there is a long time manually block all the spammers. Developers, said: "We currently have Game Masters have followed all of our servers. They watch and chat channels were the prohibition of thousands of spam every day. "In fact, spammers stayed for about two hours before I was not banned. Even a service customer looking over the 14 worlds would have done a better job than to find the spammers. (Spammers are not subtle. Hurler players into space, until one day receive a new patch, seldom (but often) responds to their concerns. Because of this, in fact, the team comes off as aloof and distant, but we give them the confidence did not win. In general, optimistic human beings, we like to assume that the game is in good hands. If a mission acts strange, hey, it is likely that only by some design decisions do not understand.

30, suck and you know, please bear with us

The other commonly used strategy is to be open and authentic and trusted players to see things your way. Champions Online uses this approach. Its developers engage users in the forums, talk on the details, explain what they are trying to do to fix things, and sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) change their plans based on the comments viewers Forum. This is exactly the right approach to take Champions. The game is not as polished as Aion, which failed to convince us that serious bugs in the game have been intentional. (Any who has experienced the failure of 50-foot I knew it was seriously buggy.) Instead, they play to the crowd, giving inside information about substance TidBITS is, explaining his motives, and essentially Food forum trolls to keep relatively sedated. Champions designers are in a similar boat and obviously like to talk about their game, seem to be relatively good not feed the forum trolls, whatever, and stay on arrival.

This approach works well when you have small bugs that need forgiveness. "In support immediately and the players say that the review of work next week. In fact, it works While retention: the players really that when you have enough respect to tell them what really happens. When the players confidence, they often surprise to tell you the back. It is also provided when you really solve the problem, and quickly. (Aion could not do this style if they wanted, because the computer language English course, give little information about bug fixes when they really going to happen.) This style of communication fails when you have to admit that serious problems are broken and can not be fixed quickly. A common theme in the Champions forum is that the game does not have enough content. There is not a damn thing they can say developers respect for people to be quiet. You can not add content fast enough to make people happy. Compare this with Aion, which is like missing content in rows several levels: Aion has been limited to say anything, and remove any hairs that are too complainy.

31 the screw

Now, WoW is a good example since they started with the # 1 choice. Apart from some hand-wringing when the game started (and was unplayable), in general, have played the "we know better than you "card very well for years. This changed when the design team hands of tension. The new designers, especially designer senior systems Greg Street, also known as "Ghostcrawler" love to talk business. If you ignore the combo points (which is not planning on adding of hunters), then the most important decision of energy users face is whether to use a single 60 attacks two 30 attacks energy or energy. The answer depends on many variables, including doing more damage, what is the cooldown, the synergy between the capabilities, etc. If you look at the cat druid (Because it's a little easier) and ignore the final movement, then the rotation would look like bleeding for a druid + attack, the implementation of a bleeding point, raising a bit of damage +, and then do the actual damage. One could imagine something similar for the hunters.

If you use the qa-tracker in their forums, you'll see that is full of Ghostcrawler saying things like "You are banned" again and again. Why is this a problem? Someone has to do, Right? Yes, and this person should be the moderator. Forum mods can sometimes pull stunts like telling users to die in a fire, and get away with it. This is because the moderators forum fans treated as "one of us" instead of "one of the development team. But when developers are constantly counsels of moderation, lose the last piece of the players at a distance. Suddenly, the light Ghostcrawler is not more precious than Joe the opinion of the player. Ghostcrawler can not do this on older and have to spend more and more time to defend themselves. Play the game of the forum and lose. (Need at least make a false account moderator for this sort of thing! But it's not really thinking objectively in this way.)

32 Tips for all types of community management

If you are a # 1 choice of the game, you should remain outside developers forums and blogs. You can not have a development team and distant distant ivory tower stops occasionally Thurs guts to discuss this only makes everyone look stupid. His message is considered as having a meaning far more than expected (because it is so rare that they receive the information), and people will be confused and upset by what the developers have taken the time to talk about this problem, not people from other 500 numbers referred. Whatever you do, you keep your weapons. Explicitly decide what your plan of the community, and in detail, and write and make sure that people have agreed with her. (This does not mean the whole company on board. We have to find key people on board.) Now, you can change your whole community approach. This is often useful for games older, when circumstances have changed since its inception. It is quite possible to switch between the options of the company # 1 to Option 2 of the company. It is harder, but possible, to pass the option 2 to option # 1. (It will take about six months to transition the stick, however, so be prepared for stress.) This is not possible to become a hybrid, sometimes distant and sometimes girlfriend, available today, but the other invisible. You devoured alive.

If you are a play option 2, you need to spend large amounts of development time to connect with their audience. If it stops, people freak out. "Arrested attention! It's what they hear. If you have a development with a single ad in the forums, you really can expect your forums to get uglier when the developer goes on vacation. It is sensitive. Need to allocate substantial resources for communication, which means perhaps 20% four or five developers. Seriously. (This is also why a blog is a better choice for developers on the screen. You can program TidBITS little and release them a day, requiring less detachment together to achieve the same sense of participation.) So plan ahead. Deciding how and why they are interacting with the public. Some I am sure communication styles of others who do not want the work to different situations. The key is just to have consistency with this up to you.

1 World Experts Warcraft Guides

What's going on here? Recently, World of Warcraft Gold hit a peak of nearly a penny a piece of gold - it is not bad considering that the World of Warcraft MMORPG, where the first unit of currency in the game made its debut in late 2004. The doors opened and the agents of the Qiraji spilled in a titanic battle. Besides insect pests silithid this in almost all populated areas in Azeroth. C'Thun was responsible for the creation of the Qiraji and silithid whose armies they have. In the six heroes have ultimate jurisdiction, which is potentially more powerful than others. A'dal is member of the Naaru and leader of a faction known as the Sha'tar. In World of Warcraft, which has access to twelve most important professions that should be used to enhance your experience wins. It is a convention of fans of World of Warcraft. View This is like the center of the universe for Horde players if you really need learn that if you hope to use the auction or make new friends.

Meanwhile, Grom Hellscream and the Warsong clan were left for collecting wood for build a permanent settlement on the island orca and cut the large number of trees needed for the wrath of the native race night Elf demigod Cenarius. The latter are available for all ranges of mid to high-level players and offer many rich rewards of missions and enemies to fight in the deep subsoil. If you play for the Horde Alliance area or need the money at one time or another during the game. For a MMORPG that looks pretty good as Warcraft III, but obviously much more accurate, since it takes the perspective of a singularity in the World of Warcraft instead of controlling an army from above. In the second level of five points in World of Warcraft tenacity give ten percent more the contribution of the reinforcement, and evaluation of the armor of a warrior can achieve this high talent can reduce all damage taken up to five percent.

2 Copy wow gold to us for real gold prices

Article "Caballero paralyzed" I understand that the text of the book, the author is very amusing. But because to the game you want to remove this race gas. UT, the author has to be DZ. DZ brother, do not get mad, I tell you why you should not be angry with the Cavalier. "We're going Knight of Warcraft I can say. Knight currently engage in the unhealthy atmosphere of the Games. Specifically, 3.0. Why do you say? Significant cerebral Caballero residual trumpet on the rise. First created a card cheat and defraud. Integrated channel all day in hunting. These are minor "These are the quotes are from the original text. DZ Please remember that this man is a person who is behind the game in the race, if you think this character is playing issue Caballero card tricks, then play him some goods will be a problem at work, which can trick the card. Nothing to do with the race. To say that I have seen in other occupatio

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